Consultant profile: Lutz Bauer

Personal Statements

  • It is part of a professional development to make a short break and re-sort your topics. It is my passion to sort them out in a goal-orientated way and to combine them with the right activities
  • With entrepreneurial drive and experience I support HR projects from the design to the implementation - "What has been made you succesful will only partially fit to the next step in your career
  • Based on practical experience in (international) leadership situations I support managers to meet their individual challenges

Professional Development

National and International Operations

  • Member of Management Boards for more then 13 years in four companies
  • 16 years experience as a line manager in all levels of national and international companies
  • 17 years Leadership Trainer and Coach
  •   5 year’s sales experience
  •   5 year’s responsibility in a factory in the area production planning and product design
  •   2 year's commercial clerk expierence 

(HR) Projects

  • Responsible HR Head to manage three carve outs of subsidiaries to built stand alone companies
  • Managed take over, merger and divestments
  • Built and implementation of leadership systems in companies

HR Management

  •   8 year’s experience as Global HR Head in Siemens- and Nokia corporate
  • 13 year's experience as HR Head in all levels of local, national or international companies
  • Build global HR Leadership Teams and define the corporate HR governance
  • Responsible up to 500 HR people and a budget of more than 60 million

Functional Experience

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Commercial
  • Human Resources
  • General Management

Industries Experience

  • Consumer
  • Industry
  • Building Technologies
  • Telecommunication
  • IT 
  • Pharmaceutical / Diagnostics 
  • Logistics
  • Autommotive


  • 18 years Leadership Trainer and Coach
  • Expert in national and international Ccrve outs, restructure, build or Integrate companies
  • Leadership experience in all levels of global companies
  • Business Administration
  • English


  • Married, 2 Children, lived in three countries (Germany, Switzerland and Dubai)


Lutz Bauer
Wittenbergener Weg 105 B
22559 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (40) 53 26 35 65

Mobile: +49 (173) 5389982