Individual Coaching

Combination of 5 elements:

  • Goal-orientated accompaniment for a defined time (4-6 months)
  • Claification of the coaching goal and mandate with milestones at the beginning
  • Full-Day-Coaching (all 4-6 weeks - out of the normal environment, distance to the every day life and the daily business)
  • Practice-Transfer-Tasks 
  • Remote availability of the Coachs between the sessions 


Individual Coaching: Examples of key topics

  • 100 Days Coaching:
    Preparation and support to take over a new management postion 
  • Transition Coaching:
    Accompaniment for new challenges or tasks 
  • Analysis of the personal situation:
    What do I stand forP? What are my strenghts? What do I want professionally? (with matching of the privat goals)
  • Sparring Partner:
    For current, strategic and personal challenges (incl. business topics and content)
  • Personal Development:
    The strengths that have made me successful so far fit only partially for the next career step 
  • Self Leadership / Leading Myself:
    Dealing with pressure, stress and time - maintaining longterm capabilities 
  • First Management Position:
    Change from a colleague to the manager of the colleagues