Leadership Development

Combination of 5 elements:

  • Training elements
  • Group-Coaching
  • Working on practice cases 
  • Leadership / management consulting
  • Practice-Transfer-Tasks

For that purpose:

  • Constructing modules for the systematic and sustainable development of leaders / manager 


  • Support and facilitation of structured feedback from the team to the manager


Leadership Development: Modules as examples

  • Developing a common understanding of leadership 
  • Understanding the own leadership personality and how to lead yourself 
  • Team-/employee analysis and team composition 
  • Situational Leadership – Leadership styles 
  • Situational Leadership – Development of the employees 
  • Define goals, agree on them and achieve the goals 
  • Praise- and criticism dialogues 
  • How to do appraisals - work on practical cases
  • Support of decision-making authority / Selfmanagement 
  • Support of entrepreneurial thinking and acting- 
  • Change-Managment 
  • Conflict-Management